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Lick between his toes

As with other dog behaviors, there can be several reasons that lead dogs to lick or chew their paws. These include injuries; skin problems; environmental, parasite, or food allergies; and boredom or anxiety. Occasional paw licking is normal for dogs as a part of their self-grooming process, especially when they come inside after walking on dirty or sandy ground. But if your dog frequently and intensely licks his paws, you can assume that something is wrong. The first step to take, especially if the licking begins very suddenly and is focused on one paw, is to examine the paws to make certain there is not an injury such as a cut, torn nail, growth, or perhaps a stone, thorn, or ice ball stuck between the pads.
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Why is My Dog Licking Its Paws? 14 Possible Reasons

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Why is My Dog Excessively Licking His Paws? | The Bark

Paw licking is a common behavior in dogs, but a healthy dog should not excessively paw lick, and a history of excessive licking could be a red flag for a more serious problem. While it's true they might simply be grooming themselves, paw chewing could indicate something more going on if they are doing it all the time. It doesn't help that all that constant foot licking can also cause a secondary infection bacterial or yeast due to the extra moisture. An allergic reaction in the skin is the most common reason why dogs will chew their paws excessively. The good news here is that many of the causes of a dog's paw licking can be resolved with home treatment alone. Food allergies occur when the immune system of your dog overreacts to some of the protein in the ingested food. An important note is that a food allergy differs from a food sensitivity in that allergies will cause an immediate immune reaction.
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Why Do Dogs Lick Their Toes Excessively?

Some dogs will lick and bite their paws so much they wear away the fur and cause bleeding, which leaves the dog open to infection and other problems, but why does he do it, and more importantly, how can you stop it? If your dog is getting a little too enthusiastic with his paw cleaning it could be because he has an injury, skin problems such as dry, itchy skin, allergies, fleas or ticks, anxiety, or even because his nails are too long and making his toes sore when he walks. Some dogs become addicted to licking and use it to soothe themselves, and once established, the habit can be hard to break. You may also notice that your dog is limping when he walks.
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Most pet owners have observed their pets licking, slurping at and chewing their feet at one point or another, but when a dog continuously licks its paws, some wonder if it is a cause for concern. So, we hope this list will help point out what other symptoms to look for as well as when paw licking is more of a problem. This type of self-grooming behavior is normal to a certain level, but frequent licking and chewing may happen for a number of reasons:. Gently check the foot and consider bringing the pup in to the vet for any bad splinters or injuries. If the fleas keep biting, the dog keeps licking.
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